Solving front-end and UX dilemmas


I am usually called in to solve product-related problems - building, marketing and improving web and mobile apps. My job is technically that of a front-end developer, but I consider myself more of a generalist - a designing and coding jack-of-all-trades. I’ve been helping startups launch alpha, beta or 2.0 versions of their apps the past six years, and I prick up my ears when I hear the words Ruby,┬áRails, Backbone.js, and Redis.

Bits and pieces about me:

  • I was part of the design team that gave the world the Timex Indiglo watches
  • I once sang backup on a TV commercial I conceptualized
  • I have played drums before 4,500 screaming females
  • I sold my first acrylic painting at age 5
  • I was the undefeated Spelling Bee champion up to sixth grade
  • I was once Steve “Afghan Girl” McCurry’s guide through rebel country in southern Philippines in the ’80s
  • I aced one of the hardest exams in one of the world’s top institutions for electromagnetics, taught by a professor from NASA
  • I helped feed evacuees after Mt. Pinatubo erupted
  • I saw Jeff Beck back to back with Stevie Ray Vaughan before Stevie Ray died
  • I once took the exams for our school paper (came in 1st) before trying out for our varsity in basketball (made starting five) in one afternoon
  • I have designed, on a lark, an actual house
  • I painstakingly recorded all 8 tracks of a song, playing all the instruments and singing all the parts
  • I am ambidextrous
  • I once dunked a basketball (I’m still 5’8”, still Asian, still not Jeremy Lin)
  • I can tell a cabernet sauvignon from a merlot.
  • I have used a Mac since 1985
  • I once led and won a pitch over the best ad agency in the country

This blog is my dumpsite for code snippets I keep around, HOWTOs I need to reference, thoughts I have about my profession, the usual drivel developers produce because they need to digitize Post-it notes.